The Sainted Lazarus of Murom Monastery near the Village of Skalistoye — the ancient Settlement of Bakla

Status: Hermitage for men
Location: Near the Village of Skalistoye

The Monastery history

Not far from the Village of Skalistoye there are the remains of the medieval Settlement of Bakla. Here one can see the traces of houses, streets and lanes. The Settlement was not protected with the defensive wall, in case of danger the residents saved themselves in a small fortification with the feudal castle, which was built approximately in VI century. In the fortress there was the garrison, recruited from the local tribes.

In the southern precipice of the ancient settlement one can find wine pressing machines, utility caves, graves and chapels. At the western outskirt of Bakla near the precipice the archaeologists have found the remains of a big temple and underground burial vaults. Not far from the ancient settlement once there used to be a big monastery. Here there are preserved more than ten cave cells, a small temple and burial vaults, and also the cave on the walls of which there are scratched the Christian symbols: crosses in the circle, fish, ships, the saint martyrs’ figures.

The scientists suppose that the ancient Settlement of Bakla perished in XIII century due to the invasion of the Mongol and Tatar detachments.