Orthodox Pilgrimage to Crimea

From the report at the 3 rd General Church Conference

"Gaining experience diocese employees pay more attention to the professional level of the guides, they monitor the quality of transport, accommodation and food for pilgrims ... The level of serving pilgrims is not a matter of secondary importance, it is crucial in many aspects ... In this respect the work of the Pilgrimage Service of Simferopol and Crimea Diocese can be given as a positive example"

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia
From the report at the 3 rd General Church Conference
"Orthodox Pilgrimage: Traditions and Modernity"

Dear brothers and sisters

I am cordially greeting all the visitors of the site that gives an opportunity to the pilgrims and to all the people interested in the history of the Crimean Peninsula to get familiar with the activities of the Pilgrimage Department of the Diocese of Simferopol and Crimea and to learn about the recently introduced new pilgrimage routes.

In pilgrimage trips you will learn about the history of the Orthodox Faith on this God-blessed peninsula where St. Apostle Andrew the First-Called used to preach and Clement the Bishop of Rome was in exile and died the death of a martyr. It was the ancient Chersonese wherefrom St. Equal-to-the-Apostles Grand Prince Vladimir brought to Rus the light of the Orthodox Faith.

Nowadays people, with God’s help, are restoring ruined or destroyed temples and reviving ancient monasteries. Again the bells are ringing in the sacred cantons of Crimea. And again people are reaching for spirituality. May the spiritual joy and the cognition of the Truth that God has brought into this world and that abundantly fills the Orthodox sacred places of Crimea, find you on your way here.

May God’s blessing be with you all.

† Lazarus,
Metropolitan of Simferopol and Crimea

About pilgrims' centers located on the seashore in Alupka, Novofedorovka, Sevastopol and Feodosia