To Natalia Ostozhieva
Director, Pilgrimage Department
Diocese of Simferopol and the Crimea

Many thanks for all of your help!

We were a group of seven Greek Orthodox people on pilgrimage to Saint Luke of Simferopol and to the Cathedral of Saint Vladimir in Chersonesus. You were carefully attentive to us during the planning before our arrival and carefully attentive to us during the pilgrimage while we were with you. You showed far more than we had ever imagined. We were amazed by the depth of history and Orthodox spirituality there; and we were enriched by all that we saw and experienced. Our experience was truly wonderful. We could have spent much more time with you in the Crimea if we were able to; and we are already thinking about our next visit! Please express our gratitude with respect to Vladika Lazarii, Metropolitan of Simferopol and the Crimea. The pilgrimage department of his diocese is a real gift to all of us who wish to visit. We shall always remember our pilgrimage, and we shall remain evergrateful.


Prof. S. A. Mousalimas
Buckinghamshire, England