Michail and his friend Emmelia from Greece

Dear Ms Natalia, After a long trip, we have both returned home, safe and sound! I want to thank you for this wonderful experience around Crimea that you gave us. I also want to thank you for your excelent guiding, your friendly company, and your patience! I know it was a pretty heavy schedule and i want to apologise if we tired you in any way. Last but not least, i personally want to thank you for helping me fulfill my old wish to come for a pilgrimage to Saint Luke. We are also both very glad that we met you. I wish God give all the happiness, blessing and health to you and your family. If in any case you manage sometime to come to Greece, you are mostly welcomed! I’m sending you some photos that we took together. Take care and have a good Great Lent!

All the best,

March, 2019