Cave Towns

Eski Kermen (“Old Fortress”)

Eski Kermen (“Old Fortress”) is situated in the valley of Karalez spreading out on the table-like mount with abrupt precipices of about 30 meters high. The Eski-Kermen castle was set up at the end of the VI century. In two centuries it was destroyed by invaders. Then it had been restored and finally ruined again in the XIII century after Nogai’s raids. Among the remains of Eski — Kermen the most attractive is the Church of the Three Horse Riders. It contains mural paintings of the three saint riders with the inscription in Greek. Of great interest are the graveyards where golden decorations were unearthed.

On the town area you can see a cave church with the baptistery, cellars for food stuffs, corn holes and ravines for rainfall water. The major part of the town consists of usual ground structures used for household purposes.