The list of the most famous sights to make your individual tour more interesting

Individual tours in the Crimea!

Why traveling with a private guide is a perfect option? First of all, because it’s much more interesting than being a part of a huge group of people trying to follow what your guide is talking about. And of course it’s much better than trying to find your way in an unknown city and therefore wasting your precious time. Why not spending it with a professional who will take care of you and show you the best places? No matter how old you are, where you are from, how long you are going to stay and what type of traveling you prefer. Private guide is here to meet your needs.One of our main principles is individual approach. We believe that nowadays, when tourism and pilgrimage tours are developing so fast, it’s the key point. Because people are much more interested in getting an unforgettable impression rather than just some information available on Wikipedia. We are sure that you will appreciate our approach and the quality of our guides’ job. You may find all the necessary information and book a tour on our website.
Learn about some of the sights, which can be a nice addition to your individual tour to the Crimea!

The Aivazovsky Picture Gallery in Feodosia

My sincere wish is that the building of my art gallery in the city of Feodosia with all its canvases, statues and other pieces of art be the complete property of Feodosia as a memento of me, Aivazovsky, I bequeath this gallery to Feodosia, my home city.

From I. Aivazovsky's will

The Feodosia Picture Gallery is one of the oldest art museums in our country. It is located in the house in which the outstanding painter of seascapes Ivan Aivazovsky (1817-1900) lived and worked. The house was designed by the painter himself and built in ' 1845. Thirty-five years later, Aivazovsky ordered a large hall built to adjoin the house. This hall was intended to display his paintings before they were sent to exhibitions in other cities of Russia and abroad. Thus, 1880 is considered to be the year of the gallery's official foundation.


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