Cave Towns

    When you make your pilgrimage in the Crimean peninsula you can also visit very interesting Middle Age monuments - so called Cave towns. They are surrounded by natural rocks, actually fortresses, with a natural defense and situated on separate rocky plateaus of mountains over wide valleys of Alma, Kacha, Belbek rivers, etc. Such fortresses were built and fortified in VI - IX th. centuries and were destroyed as a result of Tatar-Mongolian invasion to Crimea. The best way to see them - our hiking or driving tours through this ancient land.

Chufut-Kaleh (“Jewish Fortress”).

Chufut-Kaleh (“Jewish Fortress”). In the 1st centuries the tribe of the Alans, descendants of Scythians, settled on the Crimean peninsula. In the 6th century they were already Christians. At this time the fortifications on the plateau came into being. In 1299 the Alans were conquered by the Golden Horde and the fortress got the name Kyrk-Or (“Forty Fortifications”).

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Eski Kermen (“Old Fortress”)

Eski Kermen (“Old Fortress”) is situated in the valley of Karalez spreading out on the table-like mount with abrupt precipices of about 30 meters high. The Eski-Kermen castle was set up at the end of the VI century. In two centuries it was destroyed by invaders. Then it had been restored and finally ruined again in the XIII century after Nogai’s raids. Among the remains of Eski — Kermen the most attractive is the Church of the Three Horse Riders. It contains mural paintings of the three saint riders with the inscription in Greek. Of great interest are the graveyards where golden decorations were unearthed.

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