Saint Apostle and Evangelist Luke Monastery in the Village of Laki

Status: active monastery
Location: The Village of Laki — the Village of Bashtanovka

The Monastery history

The Monastery is situated in the Village of Laki (Bashtanovka), which is situated in the picturesque place of the Kacha Valley and is surrounded from all sides with mountains. In translation from Greek “Laki” means “pit”. The Settlement was populated by the “archipelago” Greeks, who were the allies of the Russian troops in the war between Russia and Turkey in 18 century. The Greek battalion (the center — Balaklava) kept the frontier and customs control from Theodosia to Balaklava till 1859.

During the Great Patriotic War during the German occupation the residents of the Village continued to live by the Soviet laws, on the Soviet of the village the red flag was hanging, the residents helped the partisans. In the Village there were no traitors.

For the contacts with the partisans the Village was burnt by the fascists and volunteers from the Crimean Tatars. Part of the residents was shot.

About this there recall the mass grave and the miraculously remained Church of the Saint Evangelist Luke, which now needs general overhaul. Near the Church there appeared the Monastery of Saint Evangelist Luke.

On May 9th on the territory of the former Village the Greeks hold a concert moleben to commemorate the dead residents of the village.

Three kilometers from the Village of Laki there are beautiful lakes, springs.