The Transfiguration of Christ Hermitage (the New Hermitage of the Savior) of the Inkerman Monastery near the Village of Ternovka

Status: active hermitage, it is subordinate to the Inkerman St. Clement Monastery
In the Middle Ages here used to be the Monastery of Ai-Todor (“St. Theodore”) with the temple of the same name. In 1868 the Inkerman monks started to restore the ancient church. But in 1925 it was closed. Since 1996 the Hermitage has been revived.
Temples: Venerable Cassian of Uglich, the Temple of the Transfiguration of Christ is being built, 1995 — the Temple of Venerable Eustratius Pechersky is established, which is subordinate to the Monastery (Gornaya St., 36).
Location: Near the Village of Ternovka, 15 km to the east of Sevastopol, in the wooded upper reaches of the Monastery Ravine, near the unfinished dam

The Monastery history

The Transfiguration of Christ Hermitage is situated in the Village of Ternovka (former the Village of Shulyu). On its territory out of the ground there flows the spring of St. Theodore, near there are preserved the remains of the Middle Ages Ai-Todor Chapel. Still in XIX c. not far from it there was a little village with the same name of Ai-Todor, here originated the River of Aitodorka. These are the lands which were allotted in 1868 to the Inkerman St. Clement Monastery by the order of the Emperor Alexander II. Due to the monks’ efforts here, at the piece of woodland the Temple of St. Theodore was built. It existed to 1925.

In summer of 1996 due to the Archimandrite Augustine’s efforts there started the restoration of the hermitage: the Holy throne was consecrated in the name of St. Venerable Cassian, the Wonder-Worker of Uglich.