Health resorts

Crimea has everything necessary for building up one’s health and strength: lots of sunny days, the warm sea, excellent beaches, salubrious air, filled with the fragrance of forests and sea, curative mud, much fruit and grapes.

In summer more and more cars are seen on the roads leading to the peninsula’s resorts. More and more passengers arrive at Simferopol airport and railway station. The hospitable Crimean land receives millions of people. Many foreigners come for relaxation, sightseeing and pilgrimage.

At the disposal of Crimea’s guests there are health centers in Greater Yalta, Greater Alushta, Yevpatoria, Saki, Nicholayevka, Feodosia, Sudak, etc.

Each of Crimean resorts has its unique features and natural factors. Yalta is famous for its wonderful microclimate, Yevpatoria — for medicinal mud, Feodosia for mineral springs, Stary Krym and Nicholayevka — for clean air.

Special attention is given to children’s health resorts. In the sanatoriums children are provided with diverse medical services, like massage, electrotherapy, water procedures.

Welcome to Crimea which is famous for its beautiful sites for rest, tourism and pilgrimage!