Sudak is a settlement on the Black Sea Coast 57 km from Feodosiya. There are many archeological monuments in Sudak. The Sudak fortress is among them. The treasures of Bosphor coins were unearthed by the archeologists. The fortress of Sugdeya was built in 212.

In the IX century Prince of Novgorod Bravlin with his troops took the field along the Crimean coast and captured the fortress. In the 13th century Sudak was such a famous port that even the Black Sea in Old Russian was called the Sea of Surozh. The population of the settlement was more than 8000 people. They had to give contribution to Khan Batu. In 1475 the Turks captured the fortress and stayed there for many years.

The traditional occupation of the villagers was vine-growing and gardening. In 1783 after the annexation of Crimea Prince Potyomkin took a lot of lands here. It was intended to make Sudak the capital of the Crimea. Since 1799 Sudak began producing champaign. In 1880 Prince L. S. Golitsyn laid a winery in the next to Sudak village Noviy Svet (New World). The Champaign “Novy Svet” produced here won Grand Pris in Paris. On the vineyards of Sudak are famous for their grapes, such as Kokur, Muskat, Aligote, and Semilyon. The production of the farm center was highly estimated at the international exhibitions. “Kokur Surozh” won five gold and one silver medals.