Koreiz (Settling) is a climatic resort of the Southern Coast of the Crimea. It is situated between Yalta and Alupka. Its territory merged with Miskhor’s in 1958.

Koreiz has been known from the VIII century. The snow-white facades of Dyulber (Beautiful) Palace in Koreiz sparkle with fairy-tale splandour. Dyulber Palace was built in 1897 for the Grand Prince Peter after the design by N. Krasnov who had also designed Livadia Palace. In the palace a sanatorium was opened in 1922.

It is an asymmetrical two-four storeyed building which has over 100 rooms. Monuments of the Arab Egypt of the 15th century served as a pattern for imitation. The entrance loggia of the palace resembles the entrance to the Cairo Mosque of Kait-Bey.