Inkerman is a part of Sevastopol within the Balaklava district. It became a town in 1976.

There are the rests of fortifications of the 6th century. Inkerman was a fortress of Kalamita (Good Cape ) of the kingdom of Theodore. In 1475 the Turks captured Kalamita and renamed it as Inkerman (Cave Fortress). Under the Turks it became a town trading with all Southern Coast. In the 17th century it was ruined by the Cossacks. In 1777 a picket was posted in Inkerman. General Suvorov ordered building of artillery fortifications in Inkerman. It forced the Turkish fleet to leave the bay.

The first foreign tourists to visit Inkerman was Lady Craven (1786) and later English explorer Clark.

During the Crimean war Inkerman served as a Russian strong point. The battle of Inkerman took place on October 24, 1854. The aim of Russian troops (55.000 men) was to ruin plans of he French-British troops (63,000 men) to attack Sevastopol. The attack on Sevastopol was ruined. There are St. Clement Monastery and St. Sophia Monastery in Inkerman. In St. Clement Monastery there are preserved the particles of St. Clement’s relics.